What is organic referencing?

Organic SEO is all about using a range of tools to get the job done (the right tool for the right job) to get you on the first page of web searches, whatever browser the customer might be using.

Meta descriptions

While the title tag is effectively the title of your search listing, the meta description (another meta-HTML which can be updated in your site’s code, but is not visible on your actual page) is in fact an additional advertising copy of your site.

Google takes certain liberties with what they display in the search resultsSo your meta description may not always show up, but if you have a compelling description of your page that will entice people to click, you can increase traffic considerably.

(Remember: appearing in search results is only the first step! You always have to get searchers to access your site, then take the action you want).

Référencement Organique SEO Optimisation sur la page
Référencement Organique SEO Optimisation sur la page

Organic SEO On-page optimization

Once you have your list of keywords, the next step is to implement your


in the content of your site. Each page of your site should target a main term and a “basket” of related terms. In its preview of the perfectly optimized page,

Koanthic Semantic

offers a nice visual of what a well (or perfectly) optimized page looks like.

Title tags



is striving to better understand the real meaning of a page and to minimize (and even punish) the aggressive and manipulative use of
including the term (and related terms) you wish to rank for in your pages is always valuable. And the single most effective place to place your keyword is in the title tag of your page.

title tag
tag is not the main title of your page. The title you see on the page is usually an HTML H1 element (or possibly H2). The title tag is what you see at the very top of your browser, and is filled in by your page’s source code in a meta tag.

The length of a title tag that Google will display will vary (it’s based on pixels, not the number of characters), but in general, 55 to 60 characters is a good rule of thumb here.

If possible, you should work on your

main keyword

and if you can do so naturally and convincingly, add related modifiers around this term too.

Keep in mind though: the title tag will often be what a searcher sees in the search results for your page. This is the “title” in the organic
organic search results
So you also need to take into account the degree of clickability of your title tag.


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