3 façons d'utiliser YouTube pour l'algorithme de référencement de Google

3 ways to use YouTube for SEO

3 ways to use YouTube for SEO

Help your customer grab the top spot

There’s nothing worse than starting an SEO plan for a client who doesn’t understand that SEO can be a long game. Even after you’ve made this clear to them, the customer may still get upset about paying month after month with little result.

That’s where Google’s little brother, YouTube, comes to the rescue! By adding a video marketing plan to your customers’ SEO strategy. You can help them make quick profits.

You see, when your little brother makes you billions of dollars, little brother doesn’t have to wait in line like other websites for that page 1 ranking, little brother cuts the line with the 3-video carousel that will go straight to page 1 of Google.

Getting your customer’s videos to rank in this video carousel will help your customer feel good about working with you +PLUS help your SEO plan stand out from your competition.

Here are 3 SEO tips to help your customer grab the top spot!

1. Determine which long- or short-tail keywords you want to pursue and write your content verbiage around that. Ask your customer to say these words in the video.

2. Once you’ve uploaded the video, correct the subtitle transcription that Google creates, which will allow Google to mark this video as optimized.

3. Create an eye-catching vignette. You don’t want to claim that spot and have a boring, unclickable thumbnail. Make sure you design an image that’s quick to read and understand, and that answers the question they’ve just been looking for.

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