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Exceptional creativity blended with vision, marketing and cutting-edge technology – that’s what we at Koanthic offer you with our
Web Services
. In the end, you’ll see an exciting, eye-catching product that makes competitors wish they had what you have.

So, your identity (your brand) must be engraved on everything you do. Your image is one of the most important ingredients in the success of any business. It tells customers who you are and sets you apart from your competitors.

We strategically pour
your identity
into the final product to produce imaging concepts that will resonate with your target audience and make you stand out, even in the biggest crowd.

Our services are also available to small, medium-sized and large companies. Our principle is simple: we adapt to your budget and work with you to deliver a quality end product.

Robust web services strategies

Know that our team is always creating something refreshing, and with these ever-changing brand parameters, you need to tap into a resource that knows how to adapt to it all. The aim is not to keep pace, but to lead.

That’s where we come in. Blend an inviting concoction of solid strategic information with a generous dash of creativity to serve up a powerful brand ecosystem that increases your company’s value, motivates your workforce and quenches customers’ thirst for your product.

Our Web Services


Mobile applications
Mobile sites
Portable technologies.


Attract your market and grow your business


E-commerce foundation


Brand positioning (branding)


Identity design
Interactive design
Visual design
UX / UI design


Mobile applications
Web applications
Portable technologies

Marketing and sales automation

Our digital marketing services

We provide our customers with exceptional service in the following areas: search engine optimization
search engine optimization
social media management, marketing campaigns, online reputation management, digital public relations, influencer marketing, curation, content creation and digital marketing programs.

Advanced website maintenance / Design updates and maintenance

Design work is often not included in maintenance packages for
and are billed by the hour. The availability of this service also depends on the web maintenance agency. There are agencies that don’t have in-house web designers and hire third-party partners for the job.

As a design company our Web Services are comprehensive, Koanthic can offer you the following design maintenance updates:

  • Advanced image editing / manipulation
  • Video editing / manipulation and compression
  • Audio editing and compression
  • New customized web page design
  • Redesign of website navigation

Agencies often manage new website components on a per-project basis, and require a customized quote. We offer transparent rates for all the services we provide.

  • Site-wide redesign
  • New functional component
  • Interactive or animated components
  • Original creation of photos, videos and/or marketing materials
  • New website content
  • SEO

Let us help you create seamless, stress-free website maintenance.

What’s more, all our services are highly customizable. Whatever your needs, we can create the perfect web maintenance solution for you. Contact us now to create a customized website maintenance plan with Koanthic.

Our Web Services

Website maintenance

Our maintenance packages cover everything your
from simple content updates to in-depth design updates.

What’s more, Google prefers
with regularly updated and optimized content. It’s not the individual ranking factor, but the overall perceived credibility of your website that places it so well in the search results.

By the same token, a well-maintained and optimized website attracts new customers and constantly engages existing ones.

Your site will stay up to date with the latest trends and technological advances. It will also evolve over time. This can be as simple as following design trends or new features that help you better respond to customer requests. These changes aren’t always drastic, but they can help your site grow with your business.

Basic website updates

Improvements based on visitor/customer feedback. These improvements may include
site performance
performance, navigation and overall user experience.

This may involve adding new products and/or updating existing ones. There are several types of update, so it’s a question of finding the one that suits you best.

You’ll probably need to update existing products rather than add new ones. The process is basically the same. Some products must also be removed or replaced.

Another update you’ll need on a regular basis is promotional product updates. This involves short-term price discounts, bundled offers or shipping promotions.

Interactivity component upgrades are regular browser updates and can directly affect the performance of various interactive website components.

Performance problems, high bounce rates and low conversion rates are just three of the problems that can result from the incompatibility of your interactive components with browsers.

These updates often involve adding, modifying, replacing or deleting the following elements:

  • Text (in particular a copy of the product)
  • Pictures / images
  • Animations / videos
  • Links
  • Shapes
  • Individual pages
  • Navigation elements
  • Downloadable files

Maintenance packages also include standard support services such as e-mail and mobile support. The cost of
website maintenance
vary, mainly due to the amount of ongoing maintenance your site requires.


For over 22 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many companies in a wide range of commercial industries. Whether in the aesthetics industry or in construction, we have the experience and open-mindedness to adapt to your business. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved with our customers, and of the trust they’ve placed in us. If you’re a buyer with a promising future, Koanthic is the place to do business. Our service is impeccable and the results are more than satisfactory.

For more information, write to us at
or at 418-455-2259, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.