Advantages of organic referencing

Advantages of organic referencing

Benefits of organic referencing ~ Increased traffic

Advantages of Organic Search Engine Optimization Right now, you’re probably thinking “okay, companies are getting into Organic Search Engine Optimization, but what are the benefits and is it worth it? “.

I don’t even need to know what sector your company is in to say yes, it’s worth it.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it either, so let me explain why I know organic SEO is worth the commitment.

Growing visibility

Of course, TV and radio commercials are still used today, and are still viable marketing media. In December 2018, there were 4.1 billion Internet users worldwide.

With this statistic at our fingertips, it would be hard to argue that the Internet is fast becoming the best means of



By increasing the visibility of your website, you put yourself in a better position to increase qualified leads. This will give your company an edge over competitors without an online presence, and will even be the playing field against competitors with an online presence.

To demonstrate the importance of increasing online visibility, here’s a graph illustrating the increase in

website traffic

after a few months of organic referencing.

Increased traffic thanks to enhanced online visibility with organic search engine optimization

Note: The campaign began in July 2018

Improve brand awareness

Improving brand awareness means that users become more familiar with your company and services over time.

Building brand awareness will increase the likelihood that users searching for products or services offered by your company will remember and visit your site. The more a user sees your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Increase in value over time

With paid ads, your ranking on the
rankings will cease to exist once you stop paying. With organic SEO, the keywords you start ranking for will stay and may eventually increase with maintenance and adjustments over time.

If the content you produce brings value and generates traffic over time, the more likely it is that Google will increase your SERP ranking.

SEO referencing
Organic referencing

Much cheaper

No matter what type of digital marketing strategy your company is involved in, saturation between industries will always be an obstacle to success. Having to compete with huge marketing budgets no longer has to play a role in the ability to succeed. You know what I think is great about organic SEO? It’s the most level playing field in marketing, and anyone can execute it!

quickly disqualify small businesses unable to outbid them. With organic SEO, even the smallest business can compete with all the big companies, thanks to strategic organic SEO campaigns.

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