The power of brand marketing

The power of brand marketing

Boost conversions and cut costs with brand marketing.

The power of brand marketing. At Koanthic, we love a good success story. When our customers are successful, it means our hard work has paid off.

Some victories are small, while others are astronomical. The power of brand marketing

In a single year, a company can have an increase of 3,773.63% in impressions and 847.22% in clicks, and result in a considerable 577.78% increase in conversions.

Not only will this company see more impressions, clicks and conversions, it will have reduced its cost per click by 73.84% and its cost per conversion by 63.4%.

And all thanks to brand marketing.

The other key performance indicator that demonstrates the power of brand awareness is organic search traffic, as indicated by the increase in organic searches for the company name. In addition, over a 180-day period, seven of the top ten keywords generating impressions related to the brand.

When people know and trust your brand, all your marketing efforts are that much more fruitful and can yield great results.

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